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What are E-cigarettes and What Effects can they Have on You?

April 9 2017, 15:28

What are E-cigarettes and What Effects can they Have on You?

What are E-cigarettes and what effects can they have on you?

As many of you know already the E-cigarettes have become very popular over the past few years, but many people are now asking the question is there any health risk from the use of them?


Back in 2012 The New England Medical Journal published an article about there research into the e-cigarette that may have set off some alarm bells for people using them. The articles had reported that some of the e-cigarettes were releasing formaldehyde with every puff, now anyone who knows anything about formaldehyde knows that this is one of the very well known cancer-causing substances. They believe the formaldehyde is created by the heating of the battery when it is set at high voltage.


It wasn't until Jan 28, that the California State Department decided to release there conclusion about the e-cigarette and warn everyone about it's health issuers and now has to monitored for it regulations use.


You would think that this would be an easy question to answer, but the truth is it's not. This is because no federal agency at the moment is over looking the e-cigarette industry. In short this means there are no existing standards in place, this means that companies can label there ingredients as inaccurately as they wish without any repercussions. So when the customer is buying these different e-cigarette products from different company, it's very possible that the ingredients will far differ from what is found in another.


Now because of this the FDA finally decided to do look into this matter, after they conducted a review of 18 different e-cigarette cartridges they found that some did indeed contain toxic property's. I believe all but one of the brands that labeled there product "No nicotine" did if fact actually contain nicotine. At this point I think we would all agree that there needs to be some form of quality control in the e-cigarette industry and as of right now the manufacturing of these products are very inconsistent and in some cases non-existent. Wouldn't you agree?


What do know about the e-cigarette?


What is the E-Liquid?

The e-liquid, or e-juice as some refer to it as, is what they call the liquid solution that will be heated up by the e-cigarette and converted into it's aerosol form and this is what people inhale. I will give you a label of the most common ingredients for the liquid:


The main ingredient is Nicotine: Now this the addictive ingredient in both the e-cigarette and also regular cigarettes. What does Nicotine do? Well Nicotine stimulates the central nervous system and will cause a persons blood pressure to raise, it also will have an effect on ones heart rate and well as your respiration functionally. Experts in the field of cigarettes all agree that people smoke because of the Nicotine property's found in the cigarette.


I want to state that while yes nicotine is the addictive property found in cigarettes/e-cigarettes, it does not cause cancer. "The cause of caner forming cells are all the other chemicals found in both regular cigarettes, and the e-cigarette. (I.e in the liquid)


These are some of the known, and unknowns of e-cigarettes and what damage they could possible do to one's body. "If one eats them they are safe and have no signs of harming your body, but even as of today nobody has a clue what is going on when you inhale them."  Click on e liquid for more details.


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